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CRAFTY: Quilt with pom pommy thingy edging

So the latest project was one that had been sat around for three years.  Based on a pattern for an Amy Butler quilt, but using some cheapo fabrics as well - It worked out too expensive to use all Amy Butler.

So some Moda, Michael Miller, and tat ebay fabrics were also included.

I hate using wadding, but do like the depth of quilting, so I cheated, and used a 4.5 tog summer double duvet

Despite Tarquin's greatest efforts to hamper the project, it was complete over a couple of days.  The dog is not an essential part of the tutorial, and in retrospect, I would probably not use his assistance next time

MaterialsFabrics of choice (no idea how much, just guess - You can tell I don't do tutorials for a living)Cotton that matches sort of, out of the jumbled thread box4.5 tog Double duvet - dimensions 200cmx200cm (standard size - i got mine for £6.99 at B&M - but available anywhere)1 yard of material to make the bias binding, alternatively buy 8m of bias binding Material for backi…

New tent made of bricks and mortar....

Well I may as well add our latest 'tent'...

After a few years of camping at Nantcol Waterfalls in Llanbedr, and doing the usual, 'scour the estate agents for a plot of land, chalet etc etc'.  I came across a converted chapel apartment in Barmouth

And fell in love

After an in depth adult conversation with the OH ..

'Do you want to go halves on buying a converted chapel flat in Barmouth?'

'Yes, ok'

Job done

So 5 months later we randomally own a mortgage...

Not ideal for dogs, as there is no garden, but Tarq is more than happy staying there.  It does mean I started off with 6am & 11pm walks on the beach for 'wee' time, but now I have resolved the situation by ignoring him and tying elastic bands around his knob

It's located in the High Street, so easy access to everything - beach, shops, pubs.  But stands back from the road, so you can curtain twitch at the passerbys, but its very quiet in the flat.

I must admit getting the mortgage money o…

CRAFTY: Hanging Tea Light Lanterns

Some quick instructions on how to make some hanging tea light holders

Materials needed:
Small Jars (Jam, kilner, anything will do that you can fit a tea light through the neck)
Sharpies in your preferred colours
Elastic Bands

Method Simply draw any design onto the glass jar. The sharpies are permanent and dry instantly, so no smudging etc.  If you use a black and more bold design it will reflect through the glass onto the wall.

Mine are just random 5 minute dabblings of nothing much in particular, but they look ok from a distance...!

The twine holder is easy, and just involves 4 strands of twine, cut then knotted evenly around the jar.  There are more intricate macrame holders on you tube etc, but I was quite happy with basics, and used the instructions in this link:

How to make the twine hanging holder

It was made in the same way as we created a gill net at the Wilderness Gathering.  I have yet to utilise this skill for catching sticklebacks though

The only other comment I would …

REVIEW: Lotus Belle

Following on from a comment on this blog, that I found the Lotus Belle Tents, 'a bit ugly', it started some correspondence with Hari from Lotus Belles.

After a few emails back and forth, Hari offered to lend a Lotus Belle so I could try it 'in the flesh'.  So a quick dash to Bristol, I had visions of meeting Hari, with the exotic name, and an image of a Somalian Eastern exotic women sitting in zen gardens and meditating.

I rolled up to Hari's (which I later found out was short for Harriet), amidst total chaos, as 10 lotus belles had just been returned and dumped on her, after being hired out at Glastonbury. An hour of locating all the bits (and the dog, the phone charger, the phone, the handbag..) and we almost had a full set....

So a quick detour home via Hari's warehouse and I had a 5m Lotus Belle.  I think.  So the tape measure came out, and in my neuroticness, I measured every part, rather than pitch up with a jumble of maybe matche…