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REVIEW - Camping & Canvas 5m Bell Tent

*******Camping and canvas are now in liquidation, but I will leave the review here, as second hand tents still circulate, and I was more than happy with the actual tent*****

Elliot at Camping and Canvas very kindly sent me a 5m ZIG (Zip in groundsheet) bell to trial, so here it is...

I took it to Brook Meadow in Northants for a few days over the bank holiday, bagged the best pitch I could by the lake, and had a nice leisurely pitch in the sun.

Laid out the groundsheet (standard 540gsm) so nice and thick (same spec as the belltentuk, soulpad etc)

The usual pole & peg bags, and 285g canvas

(groundsheet in the pic is one I use as a footprint, not part of the C & C package.  Just stops the bell groundsheet getting filthy, especially as there are copious amounts of goose shite at this campsite)

The first nice extra, that a lot of the other tent suppliers don't do, is the wooden sliders and rope guys

Standard pegs, plastic rain caps etc

There has been some feedback about the rop…