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Another Poly Jobby - Tepee Meadow tent

EUROHIKE Tepee Meadow Floral Tent Milletts have a sale on, so it would have been rude not to get one of their poly tepees.  Reduced from £300 (not worth that) to £120 (ok) I can stick it in the tent warehouse as another 'if I have to lend a tent they can use this one'.  OK I admit I had a couple of ciders and pressed the buy it button in a stupor Now the actual spec on the Milletts site doesnt give dimensions, so it was a bit of a shot in the dark, but was ok for a small poly quick pitch.  Arrived within 24 hours and I got round to taking it into the garden today Laid it out and it soon became apparent the mini tent wasnt so mini, and a trip to the park was required So dragging it out the car and past the local Albanian community, playing crap music at stupid levels in the car park, from a non insured, non MOT'ed heap of junk car, I had a lovely summer afternoon (well half hour) pitching it It was pretty windy which made it more interesting Same principle as the bells - …

Out and about...Nantcol..again...last but one part...

After dragging my eldest daughter and Rocket Banger up the hill in the morning in their pj's, we decided to visit the local beach at Harlech, and Harlech castle

Rocket Banger got her first visit to the beach Homer decided to do a spot of fishing - I'm not sure he has the right techniques though...'here fishy fishy' The beaches were stunning...Barley particularly liked them even had a family photo shoot... Moving on, we drove up to Harlech Castle via a route very similar to the Snowdon one. The car would have benefitted from crampons getting up the hill. The sign at the entrance was very welcoming for any would be suicidal maniacs Fully in fairy mode I wanted to be a druid and proceeded to haunt my way round the castle I set a challenge to the others that they had to get a picture of the painting that an artist on the steps was doing....Christie being as weird as me had already taken exactly the same picture so it wasnt much of a challenge

I'm not sure it will be for sale…

More mountains castles and stuff ...Part 2

As usual there was quite a lot of alcohol drunk over the week at Nantcol, but I am very happy to report that everyone kept their decorum very well (cough splutter)

Round the campfire on the first night everyone was just unwinding and in a nice drunken haze when Rach appeared. It's amazing how stone cold sober everyone suddenly became once Rach crawled amongst us over the tripod with a bottle of red wine in her hand.  Lack of chairs wasn't a problem as Rach snuggled up on everyones laps/backs/floor

Hiya Rach!

Within 5 minutes she had asked us all if anyone would like to see her tits? (the women all said no, the men were suitably quiet with their fingers crossed hoping she might do it anyway).  We managed to persuade her they were much safer in her nice woolly cardy, but she didnt give up lightly.  She agreed to keep them in as long as she could have a full body paint the next day.  So we all agreed, although after 3 days of Rach on a bender it would make more sense if she had be…