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Fairies and waterfalls in the mountains...Part 1...(it's bound to drag on)

So it finally arrived, the big '50' Nantcol meet.  What started as a random comment by Cathy 'I want to dress as a fairy'....quickly developed into a camping meet where a load of solo campers, middle aged women and their reluctant OH's all agreed it would be fun to dress as fairies and elves or anything quite magical (no unicorns were in attendance).
Now the men weren't as forthcoming with the enthusiasm, so we were a bit thin on the ground for nights in shining armour, but you can't keep a good piss head down and the women were all game for it

I arrived late Thursday before the droves arrived, Anne and Steve were firmly established on their pitch and gave me much appreciated fairy food (beef curry and rice) to keep me going

Cmon hurry up and pitch our house....

All pitched Friday evening and completed Saturday morning - not used to this kitchen tent set up now, really should have dragged Tillie there :(

Not a bad sized solo pitch

Barley decided it would b…