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Plans for this year...

Well I am so far behind on posting about christmas, New Year and December camps I have decided to give up and not bother

First week of March I plan for a quick weekend at Byfield so I can post some pics up then of any imminent disasters

I am stuck working at the NEC today, hence me updating here and not actually working.  Is pure torture as I am working at the Spring Fair, an exhibition covering 21 halls full of shabby chic blummin everything.  The torture being it is a trade exhibition so I can see what the shops pay for all these lovelies, but know I have to double the price if I want them :(

Tillie is under general anaesthetic having her sills and outriggers welded and buffed (MOT came round...) but hopefully she will be ready this weekend and I can get a 12 month pardon until the next lot of repairs.  Obviously there is no guarantee she is not going to fall to pieces during that time, but legally she is fit to go

May is my big 50th birthday (arghhhhhhh).  And the social camping ev…