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Which bell tent for you?

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Looking to buy a bell tent?

Just a bit of advice/my opinions on bell tents....(only my personal opinions so you can take them all with a pinch of salt!)


Prices vary from £200 (for a 3m.  Ebay bargains come up - I have purchased 2 x 4m tents for this price which were used as wedding tents for 1 day only), to around £400 for a  4m/5m

6m upwards can be anything from £600-£1000

SIG/ZIG (explained below!) are generally more expensive but worth paying for

What Size?

The standard sizes tend to be 3m, 4m & 5m

Although if you shop around you can now buy 6m (Canvas & Cast) and even a 7m (Boutique Camping).  Alternatively Bell Tent UK sell the Emporer (6m x 4m), which although not a bell shape, is the same material and general pitching method as a bell. There is also the lotus tent available from canvas and cast …