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Labour Wards & rug rats

It's been a bit of a busy month so thought I would catch up on what's been happening

The day before bonfire night my eldest daughter went into labour, pretty scary.  Not the thought of her going into labour, but the fact I was going to be a grannynannyoldfekker

She had asked previously if I wanted to know when she started in labour so of course I said let me know.  She started 6am in the morning and I got the 6 text messages and 3 missed calls on my phone when I got up at 9am (I'm not great at answering my mobile, and the majority of time it spends its life on the car dashboard)

So 6pm I was summoned as things were moving pretty rapidly.

Her OH (Andrew) phoned the hospital and we all traipsed to the labour wards

I loitered and offered to wait outside but found myself in the labour ward for the duration (Im not sure birthing partners and stuff was ever mentioned but it now seemed I was here for the premier performance)

Her original 'plan' was birthing pools, soft d…