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Bell Tent clamp Table

After seeing the mdf circular tables mentioned on the camping forum I emailed the company as I wasn't too keen on the plastic laminate finish. They were very accommodating with my various questions, I wasn't sure if I wanted wood (it has a oil finish and more expensive) laminate etc etc. After a bit of tooing and froing it was decided I would go with the original table with a plain mdf finish that I could do something with (hadnt a clue what but it was £10 cheaper than the original..)

As I wanted it before the trip to Scotland they were v good and the parcel arrived the next day and there it was...hmmmmm a pretty ugly plain little table! (did think at this stage perhaps the laminate wasn't so bad!)
So original front and back of table (the back is sealed)

A quick layer of primer and left it out to dry. Stupid as it then pissed it down with rain

Looked through my dregs of paint and found a nice clumped up white one coat gloss. Went to b & q and got a small match pot of …

Ooh la la...... working in Paris

I don't usually get dragged out into the public eye very often, but when the company is desperate they send me out to set up and network the exhibitions at the venues.

I was given a choice of Paris or Zurich so opted for gay paree as I figured it was easier to run away home if it all went tits up

Arrived in Paris to torrential rain and ended up walking around for about an hour trying to find the venue location (office had given me some vague instructions along the lines of '2 The Grey Building, somewhere in Paris').

Finally found it, but can't say the architecture was particularly welcoming. Not sure what the significance of a fungal fingernail was

Started to look up though when i found it and the first shop I came across was Decathlon...and habitat..and a nice little designery type shop that sold 6ft red staffies and spaniels in wellies. Just what I was looking for...

Spent all day Tuesday stuck at venue, which resulted in a lot of pictures of a big arch

So here is…

Huh hum....nearly finished the kitchen....!

Well as I was banned from the blummin camping forum I had to find something else to occupy me this weekend (did debate running off in Tillie for an overnighter but was very responsible see)

So it's not finished yet (ceiling needs painting, kick board needs doing at bottom of cupboards and a couple other little bits) BUT it is nearly done!!! Yes you of little faith out there, I can now get through the obstacle course

So a few pics of the work in progress....

It became a bit of a maze the last few months, and everything got balanced in the middle.

The fish weren't happy in the pond as I lost the fish food about 2 years ago. This has now miraculously turned up and I am weaning them back onto pellets rather than pond scum

This was the corridor in, Homer hated it as he couldnt get round the bendy corner without a run up

After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided on the pale green

Half a wall later and I hated it. So dived in with 'Dulux Vile pink'

This did raise second a…