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Tillie meets the Toerag

When Tillie was a mere twinkle in the eye I had actually pre-ordered a Touareg from belltent, having sold a few bits off, my Toerag fund was ready.

So duly ordered and delivered this week earlier than expected, it was a perfect excuse to clear off yet again (yes the house is buried in dog hair, the kitchen is a shambles and any day I expect to go home and find the windows boarded up, grafitti all over the house and a few squatters moved in. Hopefully the squatters will be good at DIY and can finish the house in my absence. Just shove Steve off the sofa if he is in the way)

All packed up and set off Friday after work to go to Brook Meadows (Northants). After about 8 mile I was on the M69 and warning bells started. Tillie was struggling at 45mph and her temperature gauge was steadily rising so high I could have boiled the kettle in the engine...with 7 miles to the next exit off the motorway I had visions of a lovely weekend in a layby on the M69. It wasn't until I looked down an…

Tillie is home

So a bit of updating to do...

Thankfully I wasn't murdered in Arundel and I did pick up Tillie the VW T2. After purchasing a bargain train ticket for £10 it was soon obvious why it was cheap. 45 station changes and a 6 day journey (ok slightly exaggerated) and I arrived at the station in Amberley.

The seller met me there with Tillie, so there she was sitting pretty in the train station car park

Had a poke around her (hadn't got a clue could have been made of paper mache for all I know), then the owner drove her down the road, handed me the keys and said here you go...

Gulp. I haven't actually driven one of these before.... So after an initial search for the hand brake (what that handle??), get familiar with which side the indicator lever was (there is one lever, that was a quick process) and a quick poke around with a large spindly gear stick she moved to layby entrance towards the road. ARGHHHHH, after 2 yards I screamed, it has no brakes...!!! Seller kindly informed me t…

All rational decisions out the window as usual...

So yes.....I have decided to get a camper van

Mr Lloyds Gloucester Cheltenham TSB finally decided I really did need that home improvement loan, and transferred the money. This incidently was money I was paying off any debt, doing up the house and putting a bit away for security. See very grown up in my middle age. Well obviously not, as I have blown it on camper van instead.

I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but within 24 hours of transferring they were announcing job losses at TSB. Apologies if this was a direct result of some poor person releasing money to me

I had my eye on a little van for the last few weeks on ebay, but with no funds couldnt get in the bidding war. However, as it never reached reserve, I contacted the seller and we made a deal. Results of which mean I am travelling the 160 mile trip down to Arundel on Friday to pick her up.

I have my £10 special train ticket booked, and will be meeting my mysterious seller at the station - where he is picking me up and…