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Labour Wards & rug rats

It's been a bit of a busy month so thought I would catch up on what's been happening

The day before bonfire night my eldest daughter went into labour, pretty scary.  Not the thought of her going into labour, but the fact I was going to be a grannynannyoldfekker

She had asked previously if I wanted to know when she started in labour so of course I said let me know.  She started 6am in the morning and I got the 6 text messages and 3 missed calls on my phone when I got up at 9am (I'm not great at answering my mobile, and the majority of time it spends its life on the car dashboard)

So 6pm I was summoned as things were moving pretty rapidly.

Her OH (Andrew) phoned the hospital and we all traipsed to the labour wards

I loitered and offered to wait outside but found myself in the labour ward for the duration (Im not sure birthing partners and stuff was ever mentioned but it now seemed I was here for the premier performance)

Her original 'plan' was birthing pools, soft d…

Back to Hopleys..

Another year gone and another trip back to Hopleys

A few weeks ago Glynnis one of our original Hopleys crew passed away so there was a void where she should have been, but I'm sure she was watching down on us with her pink dressing gown and full slap on

We all arrived throughout Friday, each testing the grass to find the least muddy pitch (there wasn't one)

Parked up Tillie and robbed a couple of EHU's, then got pitched up to the accompaniment of Homers howling and yodelling for a few hours

Tent was soon set up, electric blanket on the bed and an hour spent setting up the TV ready for I'm a Celebrity (proper hard core winter camper me)

Friday night we took over Annes pitch and sampled the delights of Marmite, nutella and peanut butter toasted sandwiches - very nice (although the bottle of sloe gin I had sunk by then may have had some influence on my radical thinking).  The usual talk around the campfire - mainly about Intents penchant for buying electrical equipment a…

Home and back to the gym

Northumberland is now a distant memory (never did get round to finishing it off, will have to do that soon)

And so the battle of the bulge is back on

With fairy costumes looming next May I have stupidly signed up for a 10k run at Althorp, Northants in February (the time of year when there is usually about 3ft of snow)  If you go to the link dont be impressed by the duathlon biking and stuff, i'm not cycling anywhere

I have also gone back timidly to the gym

Having spent the last few weeks learning how to breath without collapsing I am now upping the pace a bit

I have gone mad at Aldi and splurged on a running jacket, jogging bottoms and socks.  So now I can join the rest of the black and lime green joggers all over coventry in the cold months

Being a newbie at the gym, I am usually attacked by all the ugly personal trainers as being an easy target. Spot the overweight middle aged woman in the new training shoes and it's easy money.  So pre empting this tonight I thought I would…

Trains, planes (err boats then) , buses and automobiles

Started the day with a short drive to Low Hauxley and Druridge beach to walk the mutts.  Another gorgeous morning (haven't a clue why the weather has been sunny all week, forecast before we came away was heavy rain and general crud all week as usual)

At one point it looked like we were going to be invaded by a fleet of Spaniards....

Homers legs appear to be ok this morning...

Did a google for Low Hauxley to add a link but found this one about a woman and a poisonous Weever fish, which was much more interesting than the pretty scenic write ups....Will avoid any fish who start setting up a loom and getting the wool out...

Drove a bit further as I saw a sign for a farmshop - stopped and stocked up on some yummy chocolate brownie cake (low cal and the same nutritional calorific content as a ryvita obviously)

Back to the cottage, dragged Steve out of bed, and piled in the car and a drive back up Etal.  The dogs got another treat in a different form of transport.  Arrived at Heathersla…

Leaving the mainland..more Northumberland

Scotland revisted..briefly
After watching the woman in black dvd yesterday, about a nutso ghost living in a house at the end of a tidal causeway, what better idea could we have today than to go off and drive to the island at the end of a tidal causeway….
We decided to go to Holy Island, Lindisfarne today.I thought perhaps that I could Homer exorcised, but evidently they don’t offer this facility.It’s very similar to going to Shell Island in Wales, but the inhabitants tend to grow veg and brew stuff, rather than bbq burgers and drink gallons until the early hours.
Instead we decided to go for a walk up to the castle with the mutts. Homers joints are garbage so he had lost the will by the time we got there.However I have never seen him so happy than when we jumped onto the castle shuttle bus and he got a nice lift back to the carpark Take me home Mr Driver!
We then went off and had a nose at the priory and the wine shop, and a shop that sold the best fudge ever
Moving on we were originally go…

Day..err...dunno...lost count

Set off and had a quick nose at Warkworth castle on the way to Alnwick – took a few pics but hoping to return to do the audio tour later in the week.The dogs are allowed in, but not sure the stone will stand up to Homer peeing at it every opportunity he gets

Next stop today was back to Alnwick to Barter Books.This time it was open, so we managed to have a good nosey about.Amongst the high brow scholars of the shop I think we fitted in nicely.
Loved the train that runs along the top of the book shelves, and there are quotes everywhere, the whole building is very charming – complete with buffet car tea room and cosy coffee corners. Even let dogs in (no I didn’t bring mine in, anywhere that leaves biscuits on display within reach of Homers nose is a no go area) Although there was a moment in the children’s section when Steve decided to sit on the ladybird, much to the disgust of the sales assistant who happened to walk by at the same time

Suitable chastised he settled down and did some more …