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3 months of blog...

Just to say thanks for the people that are reading my blog. If no one bothered I would probably lose interest. Then again maybe I would just rant away to myself still anyway..

It is now 3 months since I started a blog, it's quite nice to be able to just 'write' down your rantings and have a diary of events to look back on.

The stats you get on the site intrigue me - I have now had over 10,000 visits from all over the world - some places I had to google (Lesotho?!), as I had never heard of them.

So thanks to the visitors from:-

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

and of course the UK.

I haven't a clue what is of interest to people in Kuwait, Lebanon, South Korea, Phillipines etc but hopefully many little painted bell tents will now spring up all over the world

Thank you again

November Camping, a full year gone

Last weekend was the 12 month anniversary of first meeting some of the characters that now regularly come on the meets.

To celebrate we went back to Hopleys Campsite at Bewdley. The bottom field which I prefer is in the process of being landscaped so we were crow barred into the top field by the new loo block.
Very impressive loos but a strange waft seemed to emanate from it. It was said it was the drains, but I'm not so sure it's not Intents (Leeane) change of diet.

Must admit Intents Relum tent is looking good now (apart from the felt tip run on the side)

With half of Currys stock of fan heaters, radiators, clip on lights we were pretty toasty with EHU for the weekend

I took the Indian Lake as it's warm being polycotton, and the inner can be folded pretty small to keep the heat in overnight

Must admit it's a bit of a b&%^tard to pitch, but is solid once it's up. Flogs gave me a hand pitching it, I'm not sure whether this helped or not. As I arrived l…

Started on Mr Men Tent

Finally got round to starting the painting of the Mr Men 4m Bell

As my nosy little daughter has already seen these pics I can post these.

Making a template for the poor pristine white tent

Firstly Mr Greedy on the door

Then Mr Rude...which caused a bit of upset, as evidently he is a newbie Mr Man, and not one of the originals. So we have an imposter guarding the front door (with a nice friendly BOG OFF!)

Then tonight I finished with Mr Bump - the hand lurking will eventually join to Mr Tickle but have got to mix stupid amounts of orange colour, as dylon don't do it. Painting the outline...

Progress so far. Bit of a nightmare manouvering this one as it's a 4m SIG, the groundsheet is always in the way

And close up Mr Bump 'filled in'

So will carry on and take pics as I progress, but won't post till after xmas as sneaky daughter will sneak on here

10th November

On the last panel - hooray! Just have the ironing and waterproofing over the paint to do then. Really like …

Historical lessons for all, courtesy of the Stonehenge Recce Meet

Just got back from Stonehenge Campsite after a short and sweet weekend to suss it out for our New Year camp.

The run up to the actual camp was a bit interesting in that due to rather evasive communications (phone, email, smoke signal and pigeon all failed miserably to get a response) with the campsite owner, a Mr William Badger Ferret (or some similar feral small animal hyphenated name), we finally got to the actual event date without a clue as to whether we had pitches, electric hook-up or a patch of grass.

The fields we couldn't use were great though...

Arriving in pitch black on Friday evening I drove through a picnic bench assault course and got the 3m pitched. Evidently Mr William Weasel Wormhead also sidelines in selling property, and the camping pitches we had could definitely be described as ‘bijoux, in a popular area (packed), glorious views (back of another canvas tent) with plenty of scope for improvement in a thriving part of the country.

Vacated and not looking quit…